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NCSU Stable Isotope Laboratory
Director: Dr. William J. Showers     Lab Manager: Walt Gurley

The NCSU Stable Isotope Lab (SIL), located in Jordan Hall on the North Carolina State University Campus, has been in operation for over 20 years. This facility houses numerous analytical devices and scientific instruments, and is the permanent home of a Finnigan Mat 251 Ratio Mass Spectrometer and a Finnigan Mat Delta Plus XL Mass Spectrometer. Numerous faculty, students and technicians use this facility on a annual basis to prepare and analyze a variety of sediments, liquids and gases for analysis on the mass spectrometers. The equipment used in this lab include:

The RiverNet Project
The Rivernet Project is currently one of our top projects. We have set up five water quality monitoring stations throughout the Neuse River Basin and two in the Cape Fear River Basin. The stations monitor a variety of parameters including depth, water temperature, dissolved oxygen, ph, nitrate concentrations and turbidity. The project has been active since April 24, 2000. Water sample measurements are made every 15 minutes and nitrate measurements are taken every hour. In addition to the automated sampling, discrete samples are taken and measured in the Stable Isotope Lab to provide quality control.