Dr. William J. Showers
B.A. (Geology), University of California, Santa Barbara, 1973; M.S. (Geology), Dept. of Geology, University of California, Davis, 1978; PhD (Oceanography), University of Hawaii, 1982. Curriculum Vitae.

Dr. Showers is the original and current director of RiverNet.

Ted Dodson

Ted is a licensed electrician. His duties include calibrating instruments, maintaining stations and field equipment.

Evan Baker
B.S. (Geology), UNC at Chapel Hill, 2013; M.S. (Earth Science), University of Oregon, 2015

Evan is the lab manager for Dr. Showers Stable Isotope Laboratory. His duties include analyzing river samples through flow injection and mass spectometry as well as data analysis.

Parker Sprinkle
B.S. (Geology), NCSU, 2009

Parker is working on a project to understand sources of pollution to local reservoirs and help develop remediation strategies.